RC Aircraft

We offer a cutting service to you the customer for plans of model aircraft, many of which are readily available from various sites on the internet (unless stated otherwise).  We simply offer to take the hard work out of sourcing materials and accurately cutting those designs on a CNC machine.  We do not hold hold stocks of these aircraft and all are cut on request.     
Please be aware that self assembly will be require but normal kit building skills will usually suffice.
UK mainland post and packing charges will be applied at checkout, for all other areas
please contact us for details
 RC Waterplane kits





This kit is of the BD5 single seat aircraft which was featured in the first few minutes of the James Bond movie Octopussy starring Sir Roger Moore.

This kit features simple sheet foam construction which has been CNC machine cut for accuracy.  In flight this model is smooth and stable, yet also very aerobatic.  More details...

Wing Span: 35in (890mm)



 HoverBover    (Own Design)

This is a recent addition to our production line and is a 3D capable model constructed from EPP foam which is very forgiving light material. 

Designed for the CD Rom type motor and for Parkfly or indooor flying.  More details...

Wing Span:24in (305mm)



 MeltDown   (Own Design)

The MeltDown is intended as an RC Combat Parkfly plane and as you would expect for combat, is highly manouverable.

Designed for the CD Rom type motor and for Parkfly or indooor flying. 

Wing Span: 23.5in (600mm)




The Twirl is lightweight electric autogyro it has twin rotors mounted on a stub wing, and is built from 6mm Depron sheet with carbon reinforcementd wing struts.  This kit comprises all the parts to build a slightly modified version of the Twirl which was designed by Al Foot.  More details...

Span including rotor: 30in (762mm)