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The PolarStar is a multi role 4 funtion radio controlled Electric Delta wing model which is capable of flying off water, land, snow or ice.  The inspiration in the design of this model was to combine the agility of the smaller Polar II and the size and presence of the NorthStar by Laddie Mikulasko and of course for it to be primarily a waterplane.  It also had to be easily transportable in an average family car and contain no wooden elements.  This has been achieved by having both detachable outer wing sections and undercarriage.  The wing is made from EPS and veneered with a 2mm Depron like foam and the main airframe is 6mm XPS. (A comprehensive number of plastic parts are included in the kit as illustrated below).
wing joiner
'D' Wing Joiners utilising rubber 'O' rings for greater security and visibility.
Main undercarriage mounting blocks (utilises standard 4mm main undercarriage legs not provided)
Tail skid
(NB.  Servo mounting on top or bottom is optional and should be stated on ordering)
Steerable nose wheel
Custom steerable nose wheel mounting kit (utilises standard 4mm nose wheels legs not provided) 
motor mount
                                                 Motor mount
The PolarStar is available in kit form only and does not include wheels and undercarriage legs. Currently the Fuselage and Nacelle are only available in Orange or Blue, please state colour when ordering.
Intermediate level building skills will be required.
What you will require to complete the kit:
    Scalpel with a new blade
    Radio control transmitter and receiver
    4 x 9g servos
    Brushless motor and ESC
    Lipo battery
Wing Span:          40in
Fuselage length:  53in
Functions:            Throttle, ailerons (or flaperons with computer radio), 
                             elevator and rudder
Recommended Power system:   5S lipo Turnigy G46-670 11x7E prop
                                                    6S lipo Overlander 50-35 10x6E prop
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