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An excellent water repellant for the RC Waterplane or boat enthusiast use it on your receiver, speed controllers and servos with confidence that any water which leaks onto your electronics will not destroy the electrical integrity of the item.


It is recommended that casings or heat shrink be removed (although this is not absolutely essential, CorrosionX leaves an oily film on items and removal does help to maintain a surface that adhesives will adhere to) and the item is sprayed or immersed in CorrosionX ensuring that all components with the exception perhaps of servo pots are coated. 

In the event that your electronics are completely immersed in water simply shake the water out and power up again!

CorrosionX is an amazing product, outperforming all PTFE and 'household brand' products...use it to:


lubricate...great around the house

penetrate...leave it to work on rusted bolts or nuts that just won't budge

prevent rust...wipe a cloth over your garden tools or anything else that you don't want rusting, and the polar bonding and moisture repelling properties will keep rust away

protect electrical connections (use it on batter terminals, ignition switches, motors and fans etc)

lubricate bicycle chains, door locks, fishing reels, skateboards wheels, anything!


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